Sponsoring Our Research

SEAMCompanies interested in sponsoring GMIG are invited to contact us to arrange for a presentation from our leadership team. Sponsorship may take the form of general support of all GMIG activities1 or a customized Sponsored Research Agreement. We welcome input on our project directions and are happy to tailor new projects to problems identified by our sponsors, subject to mutual interest. Fees for sponsorship begin at $80,000 USD per year (the amount required to enlist a new student or postdoctoral fellow to the project). Sponsors may choose to expand their project’s scope by enlisting additional personnel.


Download our sponsorship prospectus.


Team pic RainSponsors gain the benefit of:

**co-directed projects – partners are welcomed to bring problems to the table for in-depth investigation

**access to our researchers for direct consultation

**access to highly skilled internships candidates

**twice-yearly research workshops updating and teaching the latest results of our work

**exclusive access to code resulting from our research

**early access to research in advance of publication

**our network of global collaborations which informs our research;

**significant additional funding we bring to bear from federal, international and foundation sources;

** our communications network: our events calendar, email-list and news announcements keep our sponsors abreast of the cutting edge technological advances in our fields.


MeetingWe apply investigative routes in:

  • underlying physics and signals theory affecting the design of information-content driven acquisition
  • analysis of seismic inverse problems with impact on signals resolution, acquisition and computational workflows and strategies
  • research and development for extreme-scale computing and optimal design of parallel computational pathways
  • application of advances in deep neural networks, machine learning and artificial intelligence – with potential to have profound impacts on all aspects of the seismic imaging chain


Our research pathways are deeply inter-reliant. Theoretical advances in one aspect of our research may profoundly impact other areas of our investigations. Our global network of active collaborations with leading researchers in related disciplines ensures we have access to pertinent advances immediately.


Team Pic RuichaoGMIG applies cutting-edge developments across related fields through

  • ongoing research visits and exchanges with collaborators.
  • attendance and organization at relevant conferences globally. The director and researchers of GMIG maintain an aggressive attendance at research conferences.
  • Hosting of the annual Math + X conference: we gather together experts in topics currently at the forefront of investigations into the intersection of mathematics with geophysics and computation. This meeting leads to discussion of the state of the art, collaborative projects, and formation of new partnerships.
  • through collaborative research funding;


Please note that all sponsored research at Rice University is subject to Policy 301 “Policy for the Submission and Administration of Sponsored Projects”


1 Our general sponsorship agreement can be provided upon request. Contact gmig@rice.edu / +1 (713) 348-4319

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